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Pinewood Derby Car Guidelines

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Lubricant Only dry powers Graphite or Teflon

Axles Must be original axles provided with kit, no aftermarket axles

Wheel Modification Must use original wheels provide with kit. Wheels my not be shaved or treaded or have any substantial mass removed.

Wheel Mounting Wheels must be mounted in the original wheelbase and axle slot (no new holes).

Aftermarket Parts No aftermarket wheels, axles or wood blocks (like prefabricated bodies) are allowed

Ready Made Cars It is generally regarded that ready to run cars violate the spirit of the Pinewood Derby even if they do not violate a specific rule specifying that the car be built substantially by the Cubscout.


1. Car Specifications: Width: - 2-3/4"; Length - 7"; Weight - Not over 5.000 Ounces or 141 Grams; Underside clearance of at least 3/8 (0.375) inches and inside wheel to wheel clearance of at least 1-3/4 (1.75) inches 2. The car must have been made during the current year (year in which derby is being held) - Cannot use previous years cars - Pinewood Derby Car kits supplied by the pack 3. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited. 4. The car shall not ride on springs. 5. Only official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are permitted. 6. Details, such as steering wheel and driver are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications. 7. The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices. 8. Each car must pass inspection by the official inspection committee before it may compete. 9. If, at registration., a car does not pass inspection, the owner will be informed of the reason for failure, and will be given time within the official weigh-in time period to make the adjustment. 10. After final approval, cars will not be re-inspected unless the car is damaged in handling or in a race.

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