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Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions! Still looking for more information? Please see our "About" page.

How do I sign up? 

Please see our registration page for all the details! New scouts need to submit a BSA registration form, pack 39 contact form, and Venmo dues (currently $325 for new scouts). Returning scouts need to submit the Pack 39 contact form and Venmo dues (currently $300 for returning scouts, including those transferring from another pack). 

Where do I buy a uniform?

We recommend purchasing uniforms from the Milford Scout Shop (60 Wellington Rd, Milford). Here is a guide to uniforms. You need a uniform shirt, pants (navy chino pants for K-3, olive pants for grades 4-5), a hat for your den, a neckerchief for your den, a belt, and den handbook. In addition, there are pack- and den-specific patches that should be sewn on your uniform. The Milford Scout Shop knows exactly what is needed if you share your Pack number (#39) and den (grade). They can also sew on patches, which is very convenient (if you call ahead with your child's size, you can order by phone and pick up). It is worth the 20 minute drive, we promise!

How often will my child have meetings?

Children in Pack 39 can participate in whole pack events (all kids, grades K-5), which take place about once per month, in addition to den events (only kids in their grade), which also take place about once per month. Thus, in general, your child will have about 2 Cub Scout meetings per month. 

What day and time are meetings held? 

Whole Pack event dates are listed on our calendar page. Den meeting dates are determine by the den leaders for each grade. We try to schedule den meetings during times that do not conflict with other popular activities in town. Common den meeting times include Friday late afternoon/early evening and Sunday afternoon. 

What do you do at den meetings?

Each den (grade level) works to complete "adventures" (AKA activities) throughout the year. Common activity themes include exposure to the outdoors/nature (e.g., hiking, observing elements of nature, learning to camp), serving the community (e.g., learning about/visiting with first responders, completing a service-related activity), and creating something hands on (e.g., using tools, building a tangible item, creating through art). More information can be found in the den handbook (which can be purchased at the Milford Scout Shop or online).

What den is my child in?

Dens are separated by grade-level: 

  • Kindergarteners are in the Lion Den

  • 1st Grade is the Tiger Den

  • 2nd Grade is the Wolf Den

  • 3rd Grade is the Bear Den

  • 4th Grade is the Webelos Den

  • 5th Grade is the Webelos - Arrow of Light (AOL) Den

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